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We’re not your traditional contact center. We are your go-to if you’re looking for a flexible proactive and dedicated professional team.

The Best Solutions for Our Clients

We always go the extra mile to create the best approach specifically for you. So what is it we do?


A lot, and the elephant in the room is growing. So we might as well address it right away: Company83 offers great service and yes, it is affordable. Without cutting back on quality, we always look for smart ways to work as cost-efficient as possible. Smart solutions is what we call them.


What we offer


We can help you with outplacement services. We’ll send our best employees who have received proper training specifically for your company.

In- and outbound calling

We have 10 years of experience and a successful history. We work in a changing industry and innovate. Our methods are compliant with the COPC standard.

Chat and e-mail

Our native teams are guided in giving the best possible service over chat and e-mail or social media.


We can help with your front-office tasks such as ticketing and sorting, you name it.

Artificial Intelligence

We use advanced technology, such as AI, to enhance our services and provide efficient assistance to our clients. If it’s applicable and you’re up for it, we use AI in your favor.

Training employees.

We meet the rules and are certified to train our employees in our own center.

Multiple sectors

Telecom, energy, IT, government. We learned our lessons and are happy to share all of our experience with you.

Partnered up

Experts guide our people to anticipate digitization and provide trainings in many domains.


You can find us in Europe, Asia, and South-America. In-house or offshore. So wherever you want basically. We can work wherever you want us to.

Good work, good people

We are on top of things, always doing the most for our people. How? By sharing knowledge, encouraging personal development and spending time on people. All of you, whether you work for or with us.

Meet our leadership team

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Have a Project in Mind?

We always go the extra mile to create the best approach specifically for you. We help and guide you in any way needed. 

Job offers

We have job openings in many languages. We are always looking for talent and partnerships! 
Are you looking for a flexible and proactive team that gives you lots of space for personal development?
We are your best choice. As long as you are motivated to be flexible, customer care minded and ready to develop big time.

HR Officer

You’ll support all processes that have an impact on our people. That means you help our newest people, and our current people looking for new positions.

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Customer Success Coach

As a Customer Success Coach you manage your own team, where you are responsible for the individual development of the competencies of each team member.

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